Is Schuster

Is Schuster (Ilene Schuster) was born in Detroit, MI. After receiving a Master of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Wayne State University, she conducted her postgraduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in their computer art and animation department and University of Michigan’s Aerospace department. Many of her most formative years were spent living and working in the Detroit area. She later moved her family to New York City where she died in December of 2016.

Is Schuster is renowned as a pioneer in the field of digital art. She braved new trails by integrating computers with visual art media for over 35 years. Her earliest computer art pieces in War, Early Morphing and Space series created during the late 70s and 80s at MIT and at University of Michigan, reveal her expertise and training in painting, drawing, photography and sculpture translated into the then new digital and computer art medium.

During her time in New York City she created fine art to help people manifest what they wish to experience in their lives. Her last two series, Manifestations and Answer to Faust, incorporate ancient symbols thought to bring about financial success, productivity in work, fulfilling one’s creative potential, helping teams work better together; bring about health and healing, passionate love, peace and harmony. The symbols she chose have a dynamic energy that impact reality as people interact with them; they are a reflection of the mind body interaction that represented the mindset of the period.

Is’s work has been displayed in museums, galleries, corporate settings, and private homes throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Her work has been exhibited in places such as: the Brooklyn Museum of Art, International Center of Photography in New York City, the Detroit Institute of Art, Danforth Museum in Boston, the Academy of Arts in Munich, the Museum for Kunst und Gerwerbe in Munich, the Sharjah Art Museum in Dubai. She is published in numerous art books as well. She has entrusted her art and legacy to her heirs who aim to share and inspire through her brilliant and poignant life’s work.