C. Dennis Guastella

C. Dennis Guastella was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1947 and majored in painting at Wayne State University where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He then completed his Master of Fine Arts degree in painting at Eastern Michigan University.

For several years Guastella's works have integrated a systemic patterning of abstract painting that uses small marks of shapes, lines and color to form his compositions. These patterns allude to woven girders or frameworks in an explosion cubist space. A critic referred to the work as “Supercharged constructivism.” Many of his works would include other materials such as string, wood, plastic and silica. Applications of paint give the surface a relief and jewel-like quality.

Now Guastella's work has evolved into “paint collages” where acrylic paint where is poured and worked into with color and marks. After dried the paint is peeled and glued to board or canvas.